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Prayer Works: Getting a Grip on Catholic Spirituality

By Matthew Leonard

Maybe you’ve read stories about millionaires who travel to Tibet to learn how to meditate.

Maybe you know someone who visited a monastery for a month to learn how to pray.

Maybe you don’t have that kind of money or spare time. But you still want to learn to pray.

Don’t worry. You don’t need money or a monastery. You have this book. You have a sense of humor. And you have God’s grace. You’re ready to pray. Read more...


Louder than Words: The Art of Living as a Catholic

By Matthew Leonard

We're all called to sainthood. (What else is there?)

And we have living examples of holy men and women who overcame the same types of temptations we face and shortcomings we all have, to become "huge, blinking neon signs that pointed to Jesus."

And if they can do it, so can we...with a little practice. Read more...


Catholic Mysticism & the Beautiful Life of Grace Workbook

By Matthew Leonard

Perfect for group or individual study, this workbook covers the first 15 lessons in the popular Science of Sainthood series. 

It includes saint passages, Scripture for Lectio Divina, and meditations for reflection. It also provides Review and Discussion questions, as well as dedicated space to takes notes and journal.

It's the perfect companion for those in either the entire Science of Sainthood course, or those just enrolled in Catholic Mysticism & the Beautiful Life of Grace.


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